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Verify a License, Work Card or Certified Firearm Instructor

You may verify a license, work card or certified firearm instructor by clicking on the link to the right. 

    File a Complaint

    The Private Investigators Licensing Board takes all complaints seriously as an integral part to our overall mission. It is very important that the complaint form is filled out with as much information as possible to ensure an accurate investigation. If the allegation requires follow-up, an investigator will contact you if you have provided contact information.

    While we will accept any complaint, please be aware that anonymous complaints can sometimes be difficult to investigate as an investigator may need additional information and the complainant may be the only source available. For this reason, please consider providing contact information when submitting your complaint.

    An investigation of a complaint can only begin once it is submitted to our office in writing. Complaints may be submitted online, mailed, faxed, sent via email or dropped off at one of our office locations.

    When including copies of document(s) related to the complaint (contracts, invoices, etc.) please note paperwork will NOT be returned to you. Please do not send original documents and keep a copy of all documentation for your records.

      Board Disciplinary Actions

      Board disciplinary actions are reported to the Nevada Legislature